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Concurrent Enrollment Agreements CEA

Electronic Concurrent Enrollment Agreement (CEA) - English

Electronic Concurrent Enrollment Agreement (CEA) - Spanish

CEA Tutorial PowerPoint

Step 1: The student will need to create an account for Formsite. Be sure to record your username and password, as this account will maintain all your forms throughout your time with Odyssey ECCO.

NOTE: You must have a PPCC S# (Student ID number) to complete this form. 

Step 2: Once the account has been created, click on Start New on the page's top left-hand side. Complete the form, and make sure you submit an accurate parent email. You do not need to know all the courses you will be taking at PPCC. We can complete that section once the counselors complete your schedule if you are on-campus or with your PPCC schedule that you send to your counselor if you are an off-campus student. Submit the form. All sections denoted with a red asterisk are required and must be completed before it will allow you to submit the form.

Step 3: Once you hit submit, your form will then go to your parent or guardian via the email you provided for his/her signature.  Please make sure you use a parent email that they will check, and let them know to expect the email from Formsite. Your Concurrent Enrollment form will not be approved or considered complete without parent signatures.

Step 4 Parents: When you receive an email from Formsite, please click on the email link to complete your part of the application. Attached is a screenshot of what the link will look like. It will require initials, checkboxes, and a full signature. You will also have to check that you consent to submit the form to the student’s counselor.


CEA Step 4


Step 5: Once your parent signs the form, it will be directed to your counselor for approval.