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College Information

Definitions of College Admission Options


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New Information from College Admission Representatives


  • There are still open slots and opportunities to apply to many of the colleges to start in the Fall of 2020.
  • One semester of Pass/Fail or Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grades are not disruptive to the review and acceptance process.  Unless the student was “on the bubble” of consideration and the college was waiting for Spring 2020 grades to make an acceptance decision, this semester will not change an acceptance decision.
  • Satisfactory grades for this semester only will be treated as Guaranteed to Transfer by many (not necessarily all) colleges.  If you are unsure, contact your future college admissions counselor.
  • Seniors should use social media (Instagram, etc) to make connections at their future college.  It is nice to know some people and information so it’s not so overwhelming when you get there.
  • Go forward as if everything will be “normal” in the fall.  This means paying your residence hall deposit, dining hall access, etc.  HOWEVER, be in communication with your future college and know their refund policy, financial expectations and commitments.  Colleges understand all the questions of the time right now and they are being flexible.
  • Colleges are drafting multiple scenarios for housing and some colleges are working with community partners.  If you need to (or want to) live on campus, there are options!  Contact your admissions counselor at your future school.
  • There is no decision yet on a timeline for what the Fall will look like (online, in-person, hybrid, etc).  The colleges are hoping to hear a decision by the end of June.



  • The Colorado Department of Higher Education is working on legislation for a COVID policy that will likely affected the class of 2021.  They are crafting a bill to allow Universities to be “test optional” for a time period.  This means that colleges will not necessarily have to rely on student SATs for acceptance.  They will put more weight on GPA, course rigor, and other student activities (at school and within the community).  So do not put off applying for colleges because you do not have an SAT score yet!  Odyssey will likely have an SAT test day scheduled in the fall sometime, but don’t wait to apply.  Free college application day is usually around October 15!
  • Most college applications have writing prompts.  Use your experience this semester to write about what you have overcome to be successful.  (What were your goals?  Did they change?  How? Etc.)
  • Colleges are expecting unusual semesters from students due to the pandemic.  If you have 1 semester on your transcript that does not demonstrate your best self, colleges are being flexible and understanding.