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ACT SAT and Accuplacer Resources


Accuplacer Testing

Students must complete Accuplacer testing as a part of their application process to Odyssey Early College & Career Options. Accuplacer testing is held at the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus.Please call 328-2088 to schedule your appointment. Make sure you are prepared prior to taking the test. Please bring a pencil.Here is a helpful website that can help prepare you

Accuplacer Score Information


The American College Test, or ACT, has traditionally been required at Midwest and Southern colleges and universities. The Scholastic Achievement Test, more commonly known as the SAT, has traditionally been required at certain schools, specifically those on the East and West coasts. However, policies are changing and you may have your choice between tests when applying to college.


Test Format: Four sections -- English, Math, Science Reasoning and Experiemental

Length of Test: 3 hours, 25 minutes (including optional 30 minute writing section)

Math: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry

Writing Section: Optional

Scoring: Each section is scored on a scale from 1-36. Sections are averaged to reach a total score that is between 1-36. This is called the composite score.

Content: English, Math, Science, Writing

Preference: Typically Midwest and Southern colleges and universities. Check with the college/university you are applying to.

Penalty for wrong answers: None

Current ACT Fees: $42.50 (No Writing); $58.60 (ACT Plus Writing)



Test Format: Ten sections -- 3 critical reading, 3 math, 3 writing, 1 experimental

Length of Test: 3 hours, 45 minutes

Math: Basic Geometry and Algebra II

Writing Section: Required -- 25 minutes

Scoring: Each section is added together for a highest possible score of 2400

Penalty for wrong answers: Yes

Content: Critical Reading, Math, and Writing

Preference: Typically East and West Coast colleges and universities. Check with the college/university you are applying to.

Current SAT Fees: $46 (without essay); $60 (with essay); $21 (subject tests)

ACT vs. SAT: What is the Difference?

In spite of their differences, neither test is more likely than the other to produce a great score. In fact, when viewing a comparison of the ACT and SAT, the vast majority of students perform comparably on both tests.

You may not even need to think in terms of ACT vs. SAT. If the colleges you're interested in accept scores from either test, you may want to consider taking both admissions tests. Each one tests you in a different way, so you might opt to take both to see which one you perform better on. However, if you're short on time and money and want to put your efforts towards test prep for only one of the tests, your best bet is to take a few practice exams. There are free and low-cost practice exams available electronically and in print. If you are starting early and considering the tests as a sophomore, you may still have time to take the PLAN, which is similar to a practice ACT, or the PSAT, which is similar to a practice SAT.
If you're undecided about taking the ACT or SAT, you may feel more strongly about one or the other once you become familiar with the format of both. You can then evaluate your test performance before heading off for the real thing.

Where Should You Send Your Score Report

We here at Odyssey Early College & Career Options want to know how you did on either the ACT or the SAT. Please be sure to send us a copy of your score report. The school code for Odyssey Early College & Career Options is 060333. 



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