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PPCC Information

Important Resources

Advising - High School Programs, Kourtney Goya




Counseling Center (Free for Counseling Services, for all PPCC Students!)

Walk ins: Centennial-A141; Rampart-N107c

719-502-4782 or

Campus Maps

Learning Commons (Tutoring Info)


Accessing Tutors & Library Services

Noodle Tools

Accessibility Services (for students with a disability)


For information on how to apply for Pikes Peak Community College and the College Opportunity Fund (COF) please see the tutorial below.

PPCC and COF Application Tutorial

Writing Tips and Resources
Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Sources
How to spot fake news
Evaluating Sources CRAAP

PPCC Drop and Withdraw Dates

If a student wishes to self-drop or self-withdraw from a class, the student MUST first speak with thier counselor, prior to dropping or withdrawing through their myPPCC portal.  A copy of the student's revised schedule must then be emailed to Mrs. Everette at or Mrs. Fowler at

Dropping vs. Withdrawing

What is the difference between dropping a class and withdrawing from a class? Dropping a class occurs within the first two weeks of the semester. The class does not appear on your transcript and you do not receive a grade. When you withdraw from a class, it usually happens later in the semester, you receive a grade of a "W" on your transcript, and you become financially responsible for the course. Please know the difference between these two very important terms!