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ICAP Naviance


Naviance Log-In Directions

Dear Parent/Guardian:

This letter contains important information about Individual Career and Academic Plans (ICAPs). Every Seventh - through 12th-grade student in Colorado Springs School will have an ICAP. Parents and families play an important role in helping children plan for and reach their postsecondary goals. To access Odyssey ECCO's Naviance page, please click this link

What is ICAP?

Our district has decided to refocus our attention on ICAPs. We want to make this plan available to every student beginning in the seventh-grade. ICAP is an individualized plan that is developed by students and their parents or guardians, in collaboration with school counselors and educators. The ICAP will help students:

• establish personalized academic and career goals

• explore postsecondary career and educational opportunities

• align course work and curriculum

• apply to postsecondary institutions

• secure financial aid, and ultimately

• enter the workforce or school

Why are we writing parents and families now?

During this school year, counselors will meet with ninth – twelfth-grade students to renew their commitment to and ownership of their ICAPs. We will explore interests, careers, colleges, scholarships, and more. Many of these activities will be introduced to your student(s) at school, with the guidance of their school counselor, English, AVID, social studies, math, and science teachers.

How and when will we get started?

Students will re-establish their log-in information on the ICAP website using their school email, which is used throughout high school so that students will continue to have access to online tools and resources and so that they can receive notices from their counselors and teachers.

Parents will have their own access to the system and we'll email you the details soon. We strongly encourage you, as parents, to be part of this process with your student(s).

What if I have questions?

Contact the Counseling Department with questions, or visit for more information.